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Tickets are available now on-sale for our Summer 2023 tour & Edinburgh Fringe performances!

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GOYA is an award winning young, queer theatre company creating young, queer, music theatre.


GOYA makes new work about right now. Our productions are bound together by a love of ensemble storytelling and a fascination with the meeting point of music, text and movement. 


Always collaborative, always queer and rarely predictable, our work is full of contradictions. That said, whether its popular or experimental, beautiful or ugly, comic or tragic, we find stories that speak to us, and we're extremely lucky to be able to share them with audiences across the UK.

In 2022, we brought three new pieces of work to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Sex with Friends, Don't Say Macbeth and Don't Shoot the Albatross and won the Musical Theatre Review's 'Special Award.' This year, we are returning with Four Felons and a Funeral  and Actually, Love.



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