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Don't Shoot the Albatross returns to London on the 11th and 12th March as part of VAULT Festival 2023.

Pop music meets poetry in this explosive monologue about city lights, queer night life and large seafaring birds. Blending music, dance, and stand up, it tells a provocative story about one young person asking impossible questions.

Are you interested in forgiving yourself and finding inner peace? No, neither is Alby. Which is why they’ve decided to spend their twenties running from their issues and sleeping with strangers. It’s all going REALLY WELL. Until one night, whilst screwing yet another accountant, Alby stares too deeply into the eyes. Walking home, strange white birds begin to appear, and as the city unfolds in front of them, so does a secret buried long ago.

After previewing as part of Mountview Academy of Theatre's IGNITE Festival, Don't Shoot the Albatross was performed at ZOO Venues as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. 


Writer/Performer - Sam Woof

Canal Cafe Director - Lizzie Manwaring
Edinburgh Fringe Director - Sam Edmunds
Original Direction - Eleanor Felton
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

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