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Come backstage for the world premiere of soon-to-be smash-hit Double Bubble: The Musical. That's right. It's Macbeth from the perspective of the three witches. Unfortunately, things aren't going to plan. The composers have stolen the songs, the performers have forgotten their lines and the technical team are technically incompetent. In under one hour, can this company ruin music and Macbeth for a generation? Join us as we crash through the canon of musical theatre and find out what happens when the hurlyburly's done. Under rehearsed, under slept and under extreme duress, GOYA presents a musical catastrophe.

Don't Say Macbeth was premiered at ZOO Venues as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. 



Diane - Emmy Briggs
Mati - Jordan Stamatiadis
Martine - Lya Luca
Matty - Oliver Stockley
Clare - Lucy Brindle
Frankie - Laura Delaney


Writer - Sam Woof
Writer - Màth Roberts

Musical Director - Màth Roberts
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett

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