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Romcoms and pop songs collide in a musical rollercoaster charting the highs and lows of identity politics, romantic clichés and open mic nights. Alex is singing - Stevie is watching. The songs tell us their story. 


Will they fall in love ‘properly’ - as seen in Richard Curtis’ 2003 megasmash 'Love Actually'? Or is that just for straight people?


Following their success at last year’s Fringe, Musical Theatre Review’s Special Award winners GOYA present a queer love story.

ACTUALLY, LOVE was developed as part of an ACE-funded R&D in May 2023 and was performed at Omnibus Theatre in July before heading to The Pleasance, Courtyard as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023. 


Writer - Sam Woof

Director - Tomas Howells
Musical Supervisor - Livi van Warmelo

Additional Music - Livi van Warmelo

Producer - Lowri Spear
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy

Production Manager - Hollie Morrison 


Stevie - Jordan Broatch

Alex - Sam Woof

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