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Great news. The creative arts are dead, and it’s time you became a microbrewer. It won’t be easy, but you too can become viable. How, you ask?

With Rishi Sunak’s quiz of course.

Join Sam Woof and a series of utterly unviable guests as they take on the National Careers Service skills test and find out who they were meant to be all along. 

It is not enough to understand that Fatima’s next job could be in cyber. You have to know it in your heart.

Utterly Unviable is a new podcast about young people in the arts launching April 1st 2021.

This podcast is a way that we can learn from other creatives, publicise new work, and most importantly, have a laugh. 

If you would like to get in touch with the podcast please email: 


Presenter - Sam Woof

Producer - Natasha Mallett

Executive Producer - Lowri Spear
Graphics - Phil Olney

Created by Sam Woof and Lowri Spear. Music by Sam Woof, featuring Mrinmoyee Roy and Math Roberts.

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