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A bittersweet story about youth, friendship and hope. Told backwards.

Set in the glittering world of American showbiz, Merrily We Roll Along follows the journey of three extraordinary friends as they grow up, and grow apart. Beginning in 1976, their friendship lies in tatters. Frank is a musical genius who has sold out. Charley is an idealist still clinging to his dreams. Mary is a brilliant novelist who has given up writing entirely. The show traces their friendship through the decades back to 1957, the time they were young and believed they could change the world.

With its extraordinary score, powerful story and sharply comic script, GOYA presents Stephen Sondheim’s rarely-performed musical masterpiece.


Frank - Emilio Campa
Charley - Joe Winter
Mary - Maddy Page
Beth - Hannah Andrusier
Joe - Josh Cottell
Gussie - Grace Albery
K.T. & Ensemble - Ella Tournes
Scotty & Ensemble - Ellie Cooper
Tyler & Ensemble - William Foxton
Jerome & Ensemble - George Cobb
Mr Spencer & Ensemble - Joshua Clarke
Mrs Spencer & Ensemble - Ella Ditri
Terry & Ensemble - Alex Kitching
Bunker & Ensemble - Tom Foster
Minister & Ensemble - James Ng
Ru & Ensemble - Darcy Dixon
Dory & Ensemble - Gemma Daubeney 
Anchor & Ensemble - Issy Paul
Meg & Ensemble - Maggie Moriarty

Reed 1 - Becka Louise Thompson
Reed 2 - Katie Bunney
Reed 3 - Josh Greensmith & Aleksy Kwiatkowski
Reed 4 - Alice Little & Alex Wilson 
Trumpet 1 - Andrew Crabtree
Trumpet 2 - Ned Ashcroft
Trumpet 3 - Finlay Dove
Trombone - Yasar Cohen-Shah
Bass - Reuben Reed Sanderson
Percussion - Leonard Maassen
Piano - Math Roberts

Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Director - Samuel Woof McColl
Musical director - Math Roberts
Assistant Producer - Alasdair Linn 
Assistant Directors - Alison Hall & Henry Waddon
Assistant Musical Director - Yasar Cohen-Shah

Set Design - Mallika Gray
Set Assistants - Shreya Kirpalani, Suzie Murray, Tessa Valdez & Sophie Park
Costume Design - Maya Coleborne
Costume Assistants - Dominique Taylor-Dowson, Grace Page, Katie Morris & Lucy Koster
Hair and Makeup Design - Cat Robinson
Hair and Makeup Assistant - Ella Tournes

Sound Design - Andrew Orr
Associate Sound Design - George Evans
Sound Assistants - Kavana Crossley & Lucy Martin
Lighting Design - Will Hayman
Lighting Assistants - Sam Morley, Kavana Crossley, Finley Bettsworth, Alice Kish, Jake Rich, Luke Thornhill, Thea Marsh, William Wikoff & Neil Fisher

Production Manager - Imogen Albert
Stage Manager - Alice Williams
Deputy Stage Manager - Violet Mermelstein
Props Manager - Juliet Dowley
Assistant Stage Managers - George Booth, Jessica Lussier, Sibylle Bandilla & Kennagh Marsh

Marketing Manager - Lowri Spear
Photography & Videography - Callum John
Marketing Assistants - Cydney Beech, Sophie Seeyave, Nina Crisp, Pierce Jones & Raymond Douglas
Graphic Design - Django Pinter & Phoebe Bachsleitner 

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