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‘Who needs sleep anyway? I am getting so much done. So far tonight I have gone decaf, quit plastic, become a vegetarian, let go of internalised homophobia and decided to win gold at Tokyo 2020.’

Michael can’t sleep because the world is falling apart. Jeanine is afraid to go to sleep because her dreams are coming true. Nic and Jane can’t sleep because they are driving each other insane. And Dmitri Shostakovich is packing a suitcase.

‘With One Eye Open’ explores the things that go on in the middle of the night



Alex Fleming-Brown

Rose Morley

Martha Berkmann

Lara Deering

Joe Stanton
Martha West 

Connor Johnston


Writer/Director - Samuel Woof McColl
Assistant Director - Cydney Beech
Producer - Alice Lavelle
Lighting - Nicholas Heymann
Costume - Millie Prince-Hodges
Set - Kitty Foster

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